When to send your spouse to residential rehab for their drinking problem

How to take spouse to residential rehab for their alcoholism

It’s hard to tell someone you love what is bothering you, regardless of how they make take it. It’s natural to want to keep everything positive and cheery in order to keep the atmosphere light and merry.

But, there’s a time when you need to say upsetting news to a spouse and encourage them to get the best available help for their alcohol addiction in a residential rehab facility due to the seriousness of their alcohol dependency.

Alcohol’s contribution to domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is more common among male spouses rather than in their female counterparts, and men who have a dependency on alcohol or drugs are recorded to be 6 or 7 times more likely to abuse their spouse.

It is reported that 47% of domestic violence cases in the UK were due to the offender being under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol can have negative effects on the drinker and can cause them to be violent towards the people they care about.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse has multiple different forms such as:

Domestic abuse is hard to escape, and married individuals in an abusive marriage may not realise the sensitive situation they are in due to fear from their spouse.

Getting help for a loved out outside of the home

residential rehab alcohol and advice

Individuals who experience domestic abuse from their spouse while their partner is under the influence can benefit from sending them to a residential rehab facility.

Residential rehab allows the spouses to be apart during the process for the one dependent on alcohol to get the help they need.

For residential treatment in alcohol rehab, we recommend Castle Craig – which provides a range of services for your partner’s support. See more.

While one spouse is recovering from experiencing domestic abuse, the other spouse will be away from the family home in a residential rehab facility in order to get the help they require.

A spouse will benefit from getting the proper help as early as possible in order to minimise the number of domestic violence cases, and also to ensure that everyone in the household is safe and not in any harm.

Sending a spouse to a rehab facility on a residential basis will provide both individuals with all the space they need to begin their respective healing paths.

Women are more likely to experience domestic abuse from their spouse while their spouse is under the influence. It is important that domestic abuse victims are aware there is help for their situation, and help is given as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please click here for support information and help.

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